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The boys stop by the studio and talk volleyball

[EP#64]: Football

We talk a lot about football this week.

[EP#60] Everything Happens For A Reason

Nick and Matt give advice on high school and why sometimes bad things happen to good people.

[EP#56] A Day In The Life Of Nick And Matt

Nick and Matt answer questions and go through what they do in a week

[EP#54] Predicting Every NFL Game For The Remainder of The Season

Nick and Matt break down every game for the remainder of the season and end up having a playoff bracket that the fans will vote on!

[EP#53] Cheating on High School Tests

We did not ever cheat. Jon Gruden is in big trouble.

[EP#51] We Bankrupted The Bengals Organization

Nick and Matt are back from Cincy to answer all your questions and talk about the game!


Nick and Matt want snow days back now. Even though it is the middle of fall.

[EP#48] Nick And Matt Hit the Most Devious Lick

Nick and Matt talk about Matt’s colorblindness, as well as sports. They also discus their most devious licks from high school and college!

[EP#46] Nick and Matt Talk About Respect

Nick and Matt discuss respect, old stories, and Tinder.

[EP#44] TikTok Wannabe's

Nick and Matt discuss philosophical topics such as Ghandi, Tiktok, and Urinal Etiquette.

[EP#43] Matt's Lover and The Amish

This episode is filled with stories, and questions from the listeners of The Void. We hope you enjoy!

That 8th Grade D.C. Field Trip | Feat. Ben Wengard

This week the void podcast welcomes football player/podcaster Ben Wengard! We talk about the ins and outs of football as well as many other things like the DC field trip. Hopefully you guys enjoy!

The Void - Summer Break

This is it! The last episode of The Void Podcast for this season! It's not over yet though, make sure to tune in to hear the big announcement.

The Darkside Of Non-Profit Organizations

In this week’s episode, Nick and Matt spend a good chunk of the episode talking about the upcoming NFL draft, as well as disgust their thoughts on Non-Profit Organizations!

Alex Menelli HATES IGN

In this weeks episode, Nick and Matt talk about a variety of topics, as well as have Alex come into the podcast room and give his thoughts on IGN and gaming journalism as a whole. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss!

Gym Class Heros

In this weeks episode, Nick and Matt answer Instagram questions as well as reminisce on High School Gym Class.

Be A Man

Before you listen to this podcast, think about things your father does quite often.

Nick and Matt Fix the World

In this episode, Nick and Matt discuss the world's problems and how we as a society should fix them.

That’s Messed Up

One question sent in by a listener leads to a full blown series of stories from Nick & Matt. Some are good, while some are really really bad...


Everyone has some sort of nostalgia when seeing something that may remind them of their childhood. This week, Nick and Matt dive into the topic and share stories regarding the topic and much more!

High School Advice

Nick and Matt get real this week as they give High School advice. Using experiences and stories they give the best advice they can!

Life is a Simulation

Is it? Nick and Matt answer the internet's questions, as well as break down how their weekend in St. Louis went!

Brand Deals

In this week's episode, Nick and Matt talk about how a brand deal they did month ago led to a possible firing. They also discuss their hilarious regular topics as well!

Tier Lists

Everyone has a favorite fast food chain, but where does yours lie on Nick and Matt’s tier list?

Backstreets Back

Your favorite podcast is back on a weekly schedule! Nick & Matt break down their last game and how their winter breaks went!

The Void Season Finale

In the last episode of the semester, Matt and Nick discuss a variety of topics in the comedic way they always do, while also reflectingon the semester.

Election Day

Politics, Oceans, Video Games, You name it, we talk about it. Check out this week's episode for a laugh!